Kingdom comes through tough year!

The high disease pressure and unusual weather patterns experienced in 2011 resulted in Kingdom experiencing a very difficult growing season. While this was reflected in the trial results it has to be pointed out that many farmers this year have had positive experiences in growing Kingdom on farm.
It is evident that a strong fungicidestrategy, in particular with regard to timings and rates is key to the success of a variety with lower septoria resistance in a high disease pressure year. Seedtech have evidence of where growers of Kingdom used a robust rate of fungicide at the correct timings and many crops yielded in excess of 5 tonnes per acre. Kingdom is also a very suitable variety for milling unlike most of the other recommended list varieties. Where a strong fungicide strategy is applied Kingdom can deliver high yields and excellent grain quality for which the variety is renowned.

Suggestions below from Syngenta Ireland on how to best manage Kingdom to maximise the genetic potential.

2012 Fungicide Programme for Kingdom:

T0 Cherokee 1.5l/ha - 2.0l/ha
T1 Seguris 1.0 l/ha + Bravo 1.0l/ha
T2 Seguris 1.0l/ha + Bravo 1.0l/ha
T3 Amistar Opti 1.25l/ha - 1.5l/ha + Fusarium Active Triazole

The above figures are for guidance purposes only. As with all fungicide programmes it is best to work with your agronomist, taking in end market requirements and the fertility of the field.

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